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With the most robust and effective antivirus solutions, Overline’s managed antivirus service keeps your business safe from threats.

Antivirus Services

Business cyber attacks are big business for the perpetrators and in recent months the UK has seen some crippling high level attacks as well as the low level attacks that don’t make the news. 


Overline provide a range of secure, centralised, managed antivirus services that allows you to protect your business without fear of interruption or data loss. It won’t slow you or your server down.

Web Security

  • Multi-layered protection combined with commercial scanners

  • Monitoring Services

  • Customisable reports

  • URL filtering and web policy enforcement

  • Web anti-virus protection – 100% protection against known viruses

  • Latency – average time for web content scanning is within 100 milliseconds

  • Service availability – 100% uptime

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