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Internet for business

Experience superfast internet speeds in your office and get reliable internet service.

Connect your office to the world with Fibre

Experience superfast internet speeds with Fibre and broadband internet packages. Share data faster, increase backup speeds and avoid network delays and lagging with powerful Fibre office internet. Get ready for the next wave superfast with 5G rolling out.

From £29.39 per month*

Speeds up to 24Mbps downstream up to 1.3Mbps upstream.

From £30.73 per month*

Speeds up to 40Mbps downstream up to 10Mbps upstream.

From £50.38 per month*

Speeds up to 80Mbps downstream up to 20Mbps upstream.

Superfast internet

With increased internet speeds, more members of your team can simultaneously access multiple worksheets, share larger files and instantly transfer data across countries.

Benefit of Fibre

Having a cloud-based office support system requires better internet, with Fibre offering larger organisations the benefit of improved line quality and faster sharing.

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Include transparent IT support

Add professional IT support to your package and increase your business network security and efficiency and enjoy the benefit of effortless technological processes.

Your office support can be packaged

Get your office phones, mobile communication, IT support, internet service and cloud services with one company using our office package deals. Build your own NX Elite product or easily add another service to your bill. Office support has just become effortless and manageable.