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For companies that have to manage lots of data including, structured and unstructured. 


Overline storage and backup services enable customers to create value from their data whilst keeping the costs under control. 

Our solution:

Management services including monitoring, management and support services.

Storage analysis, including data assessment to identify data that has not been accessed or used. Multi tier storage lifecycle management including Cloud storage/archive services. 

Backup and restore support consisting of the installation and configuration of the solution components and maintenance of the backup server, catalogue, and tape library processes.


Storage analysis processes and tools. Development of storage and backup operational processes.  

And enables:

Reduction in total cost of ownership for your storage and backup services. 

Overline can works to identify rich sources of data that could be used to drive new business value by applying analytics and machine learning solutions. 

Thanks to:

Overline brings to bear senior business, programme, solution design and CTO skillsets to help solve our clients most complex problems.

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