Business IT Support Solutions

Our professional IT support and maintenance team understands the importance of having a secure IT infrastructure that offers remote working and protects your business against cyber attacks. With active remote IT support, your business can operate in a secure environment from the office or at home.

Business IT solutions

Remote IT Support

Get started today with our professional IT support solutions for your business, no matter the size or location of your operation.

Get the IT support your business needs

Enjoy the support of a professional Tech Support team helping your business stay ahead of the digital revolution. Remote IT support and quarterly health checks ensures your business is always updated with the latest in online security, anti-malware and data encryption.

Making IT easier

Our goal is to make IT easy for you, so your team can focus on what’s important. Having our professional IT team behind you will make working easy.

Resolving IT issues

IT experts can help you with technical issues in a matter of minutes, ensuring your business continues to operate smoothly. With our office solutions, you can keep tabs on staff and their work wherever they are, while ensuring customers always stay in contact with your business at all times. 

From £30 per month*

Includes remote IT support during operation hours, data backups and 1 monthly ticket.

From £50 per month*

Includes remote IT support during operation hours, data backups and 2 monthly tickets.

From £65 per month*

Includes remote IT support during operation hours, data backups, a quarterly IT health check conducted on your premises and 3 monthly tickets.

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Submit your details to get a quote for your business IT support solution today and our professional IT support specialists will help you get started. All our quotes are tailored to your specific business IT requirements, ensuring that you get the best price possible for your premium solution.

Get Microsoft 365 here

Give your team access to the best productivity and communication tools that easily integrates a CRM into registered devices with administration security protocol.

Future-proof your business today

Get your office phones, mobile communication, IT support, internet service and cloud services with one company using our office package deals. Build your own NX Elite product or easily add another service to your bill. Office support has just become effortless and manageable.