Business Mobiles

Remote working made easy with business mobiles that effortlessly connect to your desk phone from anywhere in the world. Get call reports, diverts and marketing-on-hold directly on your mobile phone.

Mobiles Phones for Business

Business Mobiles

Turn any mobile into your dedicated office phone with desk phone integration available with the NX Elite app. Get access to all the benefits of your hosted phone system such as call reports and marketing on-hold.

The future of desk phones are mobile

Experience the future of cloud based calling with NX Elite available on the latest mobile devices. Change how your team makes calls by giving them access to remote calling through mobile devices with all the added benefits of cloud-based hosted VoIP office phones available such as marketing on hold, call reports and CRM ingtegration.

Microsoft introduced its SIP Direct Routing enablement for Teams, meaning you can convert your team platform into your office calling portal by switching to Teams SIP Calling. Although costs vary at this stage, having a dedicated IT Support team behind you will ensure that your internet usage, SIP Direct Routing and Office 365 will run at full efficiency.

If your team is not using the powerful Office 365 Business software yet, make sure you connect with us to have it installed in minutes.

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You can duplicate your desk phone onto your office by using our NX Elite mobile integration app which will enable quick access to all your desk phone features. Easily call, share and view reports on your mobile device, and take full control of your office from anywhere in the world.

VoIP (voice over internet protocal) will require your office to have broadband or fibre installed as it uses a dedicated portion of the internet capacity to make calls securely over the internet. You can get broadband added to your NX Elite service with us by connecting with our sales department.

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Business calls from anywhere

We help your business get the best work mobile contracts from O2 and Vodafone suppliers to ensure your team always has great service and affordable prices.

Your office on a mobile

With NX added on your mobile device, you can continue making business calls as if you are in the office and get all the features such as voicemail-to-email and call recording.

Build your own VoIP

Build your own NX VoIP system using our simple builder tool online. Choose from our range of nX and NX Elite services and products to design your own communication tool that fits your needs and budget.

Request a quote online

Submit your details in the Quote Form online and we will get back to you with a quote and help you get the best mobile office communication system in place. All quotes replied to within 12 hours.

Include transparent IT support

Add professional IT support to your package and increase your business network security and efficiency and enjoy the benefit of effortless technological processes.

Overline can help your business

Get your office phones, mobile communication, IT support, internet service and cloud services with one company using our office package deals. Build your own NX Elite product or easily add another service to your bill. Office support has just become effortless and manageable.