3 Easy Tricks to increase your IT Security at home

by Heinrich Hamann

Teams working remotely face various security threats each day, and the attackers are finding better ways to hack into systems. If your billing, your legal documentation, or anything of that sort is shared and stored online or in your email inbox, your business is at risk.

Here are 3 Easy Tricks you can do today to secure your business online:

1. Update your passwords on all accounts

Regularly updating passwords is highly recommended by most IT and cybersecurity experts as this is one of the most common ways used to gain access to an account. Updating your passwords regularly and incorporating symbols and lettering into your passwords ensures that it becomes more difficult for others to gain access to your accounts.

2. Preview your links before clicking on them

You can preview a link of any button online before you click on it. By simply hovering over the link, a preview will appear on the left bottom side of your screen. Make sure the link refers to the content, the company, and the URL that you expect to visit.

3. Enable two-factor authentication

For some, this might be a new approach to securing your online systems but we assure you that it is vital to increasing cybersecurity. Two-factor authentication offers users the chance to verify access using another device or code which is generally refreshed every few seconds. This code is visible on an approved device that you have access to, meaning that when you log in using a password, the online system will ask for that verification code before proceeding.

OR you can switch your IT business solution to Overline

When you switch your business IT to Overline, you get more than just a remote IT solution. You get access to a team of professionals who are at the forefront of IT framework security, network and cyber security.

If you choose to migrate your IT services, you can get the following benefits:

✅  Secure your IT infrastructure
✅  Enable two-factor authentication for all employees
✅  Update and secure your IT framework
✅  Migrate your IT to a cloud server
✅  Manage your IT remotely

Switching is easy with Overline. All you need to do is request a call back from us today and we will help you secure your IT framework immediately. We take care of everything and guide you along the way.