Our 2020 Campaign

by Georgina Haines

2020 is here! Its arrival was highly anticipated throughout last year and before we could blink our eyes, it arrived. And it brought along a few changes in UK telecommunications that must be noted.

We previously mentioned that the telecoms sector is changing again with the BT ISDN shutdown happening in 2020. If your business is currently relying on PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) lines, your business operations might be severely affected by this move.

How Will 5G Affect UK Companies?

The arrival of 5G UK is expected to bring major changes to how businesses operate. ‘’What is 5G?’’ you might ask? 5G is the fastest mobile network coverage ever. The super-fast connections and data transferring will provide companies with the opportunity to connect faster, transfer more data and increase security across all systems.

Following previous generations of mobile networks, 5G coverage in the UK started rolling out in 2019. Some network providers are currently offering 5G network services with other prepping to launch soon. Mobile devices are also preparing for 5G UK coverage with Samsung and Huawei launching 5G enabled phones.

5G in the UK will roll out fast and 2020 is expected to be the year where device makers and network service providers align their offerings to give people and businesses the advantage of 5G data speeds.

Imagine sitting in London and hosting a conference call with offices in Paris, Cape Town and New York while simultaneously sharing big data documentation enabling instant viewing by all members. This is already possible with 4G so just image what 5G might offer!

Getting 5G also allows companies to start using cloud technology in the company to increase efficiency and productivity. Advance CMS (Content Management Systems) enable companies to integrate data into their systems to measure, report and manage processes.

“Tech can be complicated, so Overline keeps it simple. Our goal is simple; to help companies sync better with cloud technology.”

Should My Company Use Cloud Technology?

Cloud technology is becoming increasingly important in the day-to-day management of business. International organisations are using cloud services like Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to get their business operations online.

Salesforce announced in November 2019 that it will move its entire marketing cloud to Microsoft Azure, another huge shift in the cloud IT market. Salesforce stated that the move was because of easy Microsoft SQL compatibility.

Many of our clients are already setup with Microsoft Azure Cloud IT and using it effortlessly thanks to our staff training solutions. Want to get Microsoft Azure cloud technology? Simply connect with us using the details down below and we’ll get you upgraded.

Companies Offering Cloud Services

Everyone using our service have been prepped for these massive changes in 2020. Our teams have been hard at work over the past few years ensuring that our member’s companies are secured against the changes and are now future-proofed for 2020 and beyond.

But we aren’t stopping there. We have dedicated teams looking into what the future trends and developments of telecoms and cloud IT are and how we can best align our members to benefit from them.

We are always open to helping anyone with future-proofing their business, which is why we are launching our #readyin2020 campaign. In 2020, we will be focusing on two major changes for our company and service. We are aiming to offer the best telecoms service in the UK and European countries.

Our Plan For 2020

Our first step will be to ensure all onboarding clients are secured and ready for the changes that 2020 brings, just like our existing members. By offering affordable telecom services and UK Cloud and IT Services, your business could also be secured and future-proof.

The second step in our strategy will be to continue making you our focus. We don’t have big or small clients, higher or lower priority accounts. We aim to treat every client with the same attention to detail and customer service no matter the account.

Affordable Telecoms UK

Our affordable IT and Cloud Technology services ensure that any business gets access to the best UK IT technology available, with manageable budgets tailored to each company’s specific needs. You are at our heart.

This is our campaign. This is our goal. This is our promise to you. Let’s help make 2020 your year. Let’s help you get #readyin2020.

Future-proof Your Business

If you are looking to future-proof your business in 2020 for the massive changes coming this year, please connect with us and we’ll gladly help you identify your most important points to consider, guide you through what to expect and help you get the best UK telecoms deals available.

Our Cloud IT and Telecoms professionals are ready to help you get your business onto the cloud and make your systems future-proof. Take the step and make the change by connecting with us.

Contact our teams today on 0330 118 5000 or email us on accountmanagers@overline.com today!

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