Product Protection Price Notice

by The Billing Team

From 1st June 2021 Overline will be increasing our prices for the following products due to supplier price increases. They will be amended to the below:

  • Safeline – £2.00 per line, per month
  • Broadband Safeline £3.00 per line, per month
  • Anti-Fraud Protection – £1.50 per licence, per month
  • Router Maintenance – £5.17 per router, per month

We will also be updating how we charge our Anti-Fraud Protection. Currently this service is charged per line but for customers with Hosted Systems we will be amending this to per licence.

At this time, we would like to remind our customers of the benefits of each service.


Due to the copper network ageing, it is now harder to establish where a particular fault lies. To ensure our customers receive the best level of service possible without being subjected to Openreach charges, we are now providing our customers with the service ‘Safeline’. Safeline costs just £2.00 per channel/line per month and can be used on an analogue line, ISDN2 or ISDN30. For an additional £1.00 per month Overline will also be extending this service on to your FTTC or ADSL broadband connection. With this service in place our customers will be protected against Openreach Fault Visit Charges, meaning we can focus on having your faults fixed quicker with no worries about incurring unnecessary charges.

Anti-Fraud Protection

Here at Overline we are now fully prepared to assure that these very real threats to our customer’s communications systems and potential massive costs are completely protected against, as our telephony services are now set up with a unique in-built fraud protection system that could save your business tens of thousands of pounds. Specifically, we will…

Automatically cut off spends on any phone number of over £500.

If your phone line(s) spends more than £500 in 24 hours on traffic which is not UK geographic or UK mobile we will cut it off automatically. Do not worry; we can easily turn it on again.

No Surprise Charges for you.

No matter how big of a bill a fraudster should run up, we will not charge you for the cost after the calls have been cut off at £500, your service will be 100% insured against this type of fraudulent activity.

Router Maintenance

Router maintenance is extremely beneficial to your company as it will cover you for any repairs, replacements, and engineering costs. If you do not have router maintenance and require an engineer visit, standard engineering charges would apply.

Of course, these are all opt-out services and if you do not want to retain these services, please email stating your business name and the services that you wish to opt out.