Samsung OfficeServ - End of the road?

by Jack Masham

Samsung recently announced that they would no longer be supplying its OfficeServ and SCM product lines to the UK market. They will also move support for their IP PBX product range to Korea. Going forward, what does that mean for consumers? Predominantly it means you either already have or are looking to invest in an unsupported phone system.

I have a Samsung phone system – what does this mean for me?

If you already have a Samsung phone system in place then contact your Telecoms supplier to establish whether they will continue to support your phone systems. Once a manufacture scales back its support on a system it can often result in ongoing UK based support being limited and potentially costly if things go wrong. If your current supplier won’t support them then either find a supplier who will support it or look to invest in a new phone system.

“Samsung is simply moving with the market trend which is migrating applications and services to a cloud-based solution”

I am looking to invest in a Samsung phone system – what does this mean for me?

If you were recently looking to invest in a Samsung phone system our advice would be to find an alternative option. There are a number of great systems available that will provide you with the functionality you require to meet your business needs.

We are here to help

This could be the perfect time to review your options and think about upgrading your current systems. If you would like to find out more on our fully integrated phone system with a host of great features such as soft client, call recording and mobile app call our Sales Team on 0330 118 5000 or email and we can help find the right solution for your business.