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Sometimes things look complicated and sometimes it’s people that make it complicated.

I started Overline with a telephone and thumbing through the Yellow Pages, in the days when you couldn’t get a copy of Fly Fishing, by J.R. Hartley.


Building my business, I found that advances in tech meant that change will happen.  From the early days of PBX and Analogue lines, then Digital ISDN to working in the Cloud, all can be made simple, it’s just how you communicate the idea to fit our Clients in the real world.


Over the last 25 years, Overline has always connected with the idea that each of our clients’ needs are different and that Overline unlock the doors for a business to do what they do best.  I’m incredibly proud of what Overline have achieved over the years and how we are adapting to our future.  We have seen the lines between Tech and Telecommunications converge, and as trusted advisors for thousands of clients Worldwide we understand the importance of delivering a wider range of support services to help our customers get the most out of their interconnectivity.  


Our portfolio has now embraced everything from On Premise to the Cloud, Telecoms to IT and now the Internet of Things (IoT). Overline has welcomed the flexible working that the cloud allows, pushing Overline to another level; our new journey begins.


Would I go back to the days of Yellow Pages and J. R. Hartley?  Yes, if it’s downloadable and I can read it on my tablet or mobile while working from home or while on the move.  I think I have made my point!


We look forward to working with you now or in the future.



Jason Young


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