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Quality Policy

It is the policy of Overline to provide its customers with the highest quality of service at all times.  The company is committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers to achieve a high level of satisfaction irrespective of size.


Overline believes in building lasting relationships with it customers and suppliers which are beneficial to all parties. We constantly pursue excellence in everything we do.

Our quality policy is based on 3 fundamentals:

  • Working with our customers to ensure that their needs are correctly identified and met if not exceeded.

  • Continually improving customer service levels

  • Development of our staff in terms of professional and personal training


The company supports these commitments through a Quality Management System which is reviewed monthly to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Overline recognises that quality is the responsibility of all employees. Meeting quality criteria set out by the company is the duty of every employee extending from the Board of Directors.

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