CCTV for business

Secure your business with the latest CCTV for offices. Get access to premium video security features like remote viewing, facial detection and object removal to ensure you have a clearer view of your premises.


Secure CCTV System

Get the latest HikVision CCTV for your business. Enter your details now to get a free Monitor + 4TB storage included with your quote!

State-of-the-art CCTV for your business

Get the latest CCTV installed on your premises and get live monitoring 24/7 on your device. View your security footage from anywhere on any smart device with live video streaming. Get facial detection, object removal and line detection to increase your security measurements.

From £60 per month*

Essential Office CCTV Package is ideal for any small businesses that require 24/7 monitoring:

  • 3 HD Cameras
  • 4 Channel Network Video Recorder
  • 4TB Storage
  • Monitor
  • Internal + External Infrared

From £125 per month*

Advanced Office CCTV Package is perfect for any small to medium sized businesses that require 24/7 monitoring:

  • 6 HD Cameras
  • 8 Channel Network Recorder
  • 4TB Storage
  • Monitor
  • Internal + External Infrared

From £225 per month*

Premium Office CCTV Package offers large scale businesses elite 24/7security:

  • 12 HD Cameras
  • 16 Channel Network Video Recorder
  • 4TB Storage
  • Monitor
  • Internal + External Infrared

Secure your office

Your office can be secured using advanved 5 megapixel CCTV systems that monitor your building 24/7 and syncs the recorded data to a 4TB storage. Opt for an on-site inspection to give you the best CCTV package for your business, whatever the size of your business premises.

View CCTV remotely

Give viewing access to those who need it and secure your premises from unwanted visitors by seeing who is in your office, anytime of the day and night. View your CCTV live stream from anywhere directly on your smart device.

Get a CCTV quote for your business

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Include transparent IT support

Add professional IT support to your package and increase your business network security and efficiency and enjoy the benefit of effortless technological processes.

Future-proof your business today

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