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Whether you are hosting virtual or physical servers, our Managed Server solution can deliver optimised OS maintenance so that your teams are freed up to do business aligned projects. 


Instead of your IT teams spending time monitoring the operating system instances across your server landscape Overline provides the end-to-end management of your hardware and associated OS tasks. 

Our solution:

Our Managed Server hosting solution delivers support over and above the server hardware layer so that your teams can be freed from time-consuming hardware and OS-centric tasks.


The service includes constant security updates and ensuring your servers are always protected, keeping your data and applications safe and secure.

Our monitoring and 24/7 support teams proactively manage your environment to prevent issues from occurring and disrupting business operations.

Overline can integrate your existing Server infrastructure into Public Cloud providers including Azure and AWS. 


Costly managed services providers or co-location companies that are focused on selling space, power and network Overline server management services are focused on maintaining your hardware and software configuration ensuring that your services are always online. 

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Overline has years of experience in delivering complex managed server operations for organisations across the private and public sectors, with extensive experience in providing services to a variety of industry sectors including Service Providers, Telecommunications companies, Energy, FSI and Public Sector.

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