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For companies that are looking to embrace Public Cloud services from Azure.


Using Azure with your existing office applications creates a powerful dynamic to turn business processes and data into powerful assets and create new opportunities.

Move your existing on-premise Windows server workloads to Azure and take advantage of evergreen benefits that the Azure cloud brings. 

Our solution:

Azure advisory services, cloud architecture design. 

Integration of Azure services with office 365 applications. 


Analysis of your applications portfolio, development of landing zone and migration methods reports and run books. 

Reference architecture development for your new Azure cloud environment. ​

Management of your Azure cloud from our delivery centres. 

And enables:

No upfront charge, one-stop-shopping, evergreen refresh, deploy your new services faster and take advantage of the research and development.

Thanks to:

Azure partner services and office 365 deployment and integration solutions. 


Overline has access to processes and tools to help with workload migration.​

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