Office Phone System
Get the latest VoIP office phone system with mobile app and PC connectivity all included.
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Make Teams Your Office Phone
Call any landline or mobile number using NX Pro and 365 Business Premium Teams.
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Office 365 Business
Get your team connected to the best CRM in the world.
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Remote IT Support
Work easier with professional IT support helping you.
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Office Cloud Server
Store and manage your business data using cloud based servers.
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Business calls just got better with cloud-based VoIP office phones with call reports and mobile apps integration.

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Give your team access to the best cloud-based work software for office by ordering your Office 365 Business here.

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With advanced remote IT support, your server and cloud-based systems can be fixed or altered instantly.

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Order dedicated work mobiles and get access to online CRM management, call reporting and reports with NX.

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Your IT support made simple

Experience what professional IT and telecommunication support team can do for your office and productivity.

Zoom is a free video calling service offered by Zoom Communications. It is safe to some extent. Even though the application does little in terms of data sharing that is made aware to the public, it doesn’t offer IT support as part of the feature.

This means that any issues with the application or security threat posed by the application will have to be taken up with their support query service.

If you want a video calling service that is hosted by a secure support IT team and offers IT support as a service then you should consider Office 365 Teams. It’s an amazing app that comes included in the Office 365 Business package along with other highly using remote working and data sharing applications including Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocal) is the ability to make phone calls on desk and mobile devices using your internet service. Unlike call streaming services like Whatsapp and Zoom, VoIP uses dedicated internet capacity for making calls, ensuring you have clearer and better quality calls without the drops and delays.

Cloud servers operate in a crypted online environment which is among the safest forms of online data management. Cloud servers also offer continuous security updates online, meaning your server will always be at the forefront of security.

You can increase your cloud security by getting a professional IT Support team to help your business operate efficiently and effortlessly. Find out more about premium IT support and see how your business can benefit using the services of a professional team.

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Microsoft introduced dedicated SIP Direct Routing for Teams meaning you can now enable call services on Teams. By using this new integrated method, calling on Teams when integrated with the right tools will allow higher call quality than the standard video and voice stream.

Find out more about the benefit of Office 365 Business and Teams, and how it can help your team function normally from anywhere, anytime.

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Build your NX Elite

Start building your own office phone system right here. Easily select which features you need and choose the devices you want.

See how EY introduced hot desking and saved on office space rent by decreasing office space and increasing staff.

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BT announced they will shut down all ISDN networks in the UK by 2025. Here is how you can prepare for it.

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Working from home can be tough, especially if you are used to your own space. Here are a few remote working tips.

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Samsung will be moving their OfferServ service away from the UK as the market is moving towards cloud-based hosting.

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