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Save on your business phone system with NX Pro. Turn your Microsoft Teams App into your complete office phone system from only £4.50 Month/User. Complete scalable remote working solution.

*from only £4.50 user/mo

NX Pro Business Phone

Turn your Microsoft Teams app into a dedicated office phone system and call any phone number using your Microsoft 365 Business Premium license and NX Pro. Get a quote today.

The next generation of Microsoft calling is here

With NX Pro and SIP Direct Routing, you can now turn your Microsoft Office 365 Business Teams application into your dedicated office phone system. No need for a complicated office phone system anymore. By switching today, you can get all the amazing benefits including call reporting, marketing on hold and your database (CRM) integrated with your Microsoft 365. All you need is a simple 365 Voice Plan License from us that easily connects your existing Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

Great! All you need is to simply add SIP Direct Routing to your existing Microsoft Office 365 Business plan to enable 365 Business Voice. You can keep your license the same and just add SIP Direct Routing from £4.50 per User/Month.

365 Business Voice can turn your existing Microsoft Office 365 Teams app into a dedicated phone system, meaning your mobiles and desk phones that are able to connect to your Office 365 account can now be used as dedicated office phone systems.

If you don’t have Microsoft Office 365 yet and you would like to upgrade to the new 365 Business Voice, you can get started today by connecting with our sales team who will help you to easily get started.

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Microsoft introduced its SIP Direct Routing enablement for Teams, meaning you can convert your Microsoft Teams app into your office phone system by switching to Teams SIP Calling. Although costs vary at this stage, having a dedicated IT Support team behind you will ensure that your internet usage, SIP Direct Routing and Office 365 will run at full efficiency.

If your team is not using the powerful Office 365 Business software yet, make sure you connect with us to have it installed in minutes.

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You can duplicate your desk phone onto your office by using our mobile integration which will enable quick access to all your desk phone features. Easily call, share and view reports on your mobile device, and take full control of your office from anywhere in the world.

How to call using Microsoft 365 Teams

NX Pro 365 Business Voice uses public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines supplied by Overline (your carrier) into your Office 365 environment (Office 365 Network) to deliver a complete communication solution for your organisation. Your team can now make external business calls through a hosted network using your Office 365 Business license + NX Pro SIP Direct Routing.

Make network calls on Teams

Make calls on your desk phone, your mobile device or your computer using 365 Business Voice. Continue doing business wherever you are in the world and still work through your office hub.

Unify your communication

With advanced software supporting your office communication, you can go ahead and focus on doing what you do best while your office phone integrates into your process.

Get a quote for Microsoft Teams Phone

Need a quote for Microsoft Teams Phone? Easily request a quote online today using our request tool and select the features you want to get quoted on, and make your decision based on the information at hand.

Include remote IT support

Add professional IT support to your package and increase your business network security and efficiency and enjoy the benefit of effortless technological processes.

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Get your office phones, mobile communication, IT support, internet service and cloud services with one company using our office package deals. Build your own NX Elite product or easily add another service to your bill. Office support has just become effortless and manageable.