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The smarter way to make business calls. NX Pro turns Microsoft 365 Teams into an office phone system. Call any number directly from your Microsoft Teams app and get call reports, call recording and other amazing benefits! Take your desk phone anywhere.

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NX Pro + Microsoft 365

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Turn your Microsoft 365 Teams app into an office phone system with NX Pro SIP Direct Routing. Save money on office phones by calling any number directly from your Microsoft Teams app and get features like call recording, call reporting and call diverts.

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Call from anywhere

Make calls on your desk phone, your mobile device or your computer using NX Pro. Your CRM easily integrates with cloud-based VoIP phones for work at the office or remote working, so you can continue doing business wherever you are in the world and still work through your office hub.

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With advanced software supporting your office communication, you can go ahead and focus on doing what you do best while your office phone integrates into your process.

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